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6 Essential Electrical Tips for a Safe Summer

As the summer heat rolls in, it’s crucial for residents to stay informed about electrical safety. Here are some important electrical tips to keep in mind during the summer months:

Outdoor Electrical Safety:

If you’re planning outdoor activities or using electrical equipment outside, make sure to follow safety guidelines. Keep all electrical cords and outlets away from water sources to avoid the risk of electrical shock. Use outdoor-rated extension cords and ensure they are in good condition before use.

Air Conditioning Maintenance:

With temperatures soaring, your air conditioner becomes a vital appliance. Keep it running efficiently by cleaning or replacing air filters regularly. Clear any debris around the outdoor unit to maintain proper airflow. If you notice any electrical issues, like unusual sounds or a tripping breaker, call us at 659-600-0686.

Swimming Pool & Dock Safety:

If you have a swimming pool or dock, it’s essential to prioritize electrical safety. Ensure all lights and electrical equipment near and in water are installed and maintained by a licensed electrician.

Lightning Protection:

Summer storms can bring lightning, which poses a risk to both people and electrical systems. Install surge protectors on sensitive electronics to safeguard them from power surges caused by lightning strikes. If a thunderstorm is approaching, it’s advisable to unplug electronic devices until the storm passes.

Energy Efficiency:

Summer often means increased energy usage. Take steps to conserve energy and reduce your utility bills. Use natural lighting during the day to minimize reliance on artificial lighting. Set your thermostat to a moderate temperature to balance comfort and energy consumption. Consider installing energy-efficient lighting and appliances to save energy in the long run.

Fire Safety:

Barbecues, bonfires, and fireworks are common summer activities. Ensure all outdoor fires and grills are a safe distance away from any flammable objects, including electrical equipment. Keep fire extinguishers nearby and never leave fires or grills unattended.

Remember, if you have any concerns or need assistance with electrical issues, it’s always best to consult a licensed electrician, like Ohms & Watts Electric. Stay informed, practice electrical safety, and have a fantastic summer season!




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